Under the guise of "Sunshine" and "Free Speech" Florida's newspapers are engaging in the worst form of hypocrisy.
In an attempt to spur growth and presumably, economic development, Florida lawmakers passed a new growth management law. Among other things, they wanted to waive some of the rules that require developers to pitch in and pay for their growth.
Keep your big-government hands out of my City. Why is that Tallahassee politicians think they need to solve OUR local problems? Haven’t they messed things up in Tallahassee enough without now trying to fix my local government?
Next November, voters will be asked a question about how to handle land use changes. They will be asked to amend the State Constitution to require that land use and growth plan changes will be subject to the vote of the people. The group sponsoring the amendment calls themselves “Hometown Democracy.” What could be better?
Let’s face it; “government” is not always a positive word. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” is not exactly a compliment. On the other hand, “necessary evil” is probably too strong of a negative term. However it is viewed, government plays a vital role in our existence and even the most ardent anti-government zealots recognize the fundamental problems with anarchy and chaos. So which form of government serves the people the best? …which is most efficient? …which provides us the best bang for the buck?