What happens in Tallahassee should stay in Tallahassee


Keep your big-government hands out of my City.

Why is that Tallahassee politicians think they need to solve OUR local problems? Haven't they messed things up in Tallahassee enough without now trying to fix my local government?

Take TABOR...the so-called "Taxpayer's Bill of Rights"...misnamed and purposefully misleading.

The idea, coming straight out of the very same Tallahassee politicians that brought you the lottery bait-and-switch, the property tax debacle and a tax system that makes no sense whatsoever.

TABOR is an idea where Tallahassee politicians tell us what services we get for our local government. THEY tell us how much fire service, how many police officers, how many teachers we can hire. Under TABOR, they get to decide our local revenue policies. They unilaterally change our City charters, tie the hands of the people WE elected and impose THEIR values onto our City.

What's next, do they choose my Mayor? Do they tell me whom I can vote for?

The irony of the latest round of TABOR proposals is that they come from "less government" so-called conservatives! WHAT?

Since when does Tallahassee know better than ME what services I want or don't want? Since when do politicians in the State Capital know what's in MY best interest?

If I want to change my neighborhood to build a new park for our kids, or a new police substation, or build a new road...Tallahassee politicians want to create new set of hurdles and bureaucratic maneuvers all designed to prevent us from improving our own quality of life.

And let's be clear, if my Mayor or City Commissioner acts irresponsibly, I can vote them out of office...I have that right. But what I don't need is some one-size-fits-all big government politician coming into my local City and telling us what to do.

If I want better parks, more cops, a new fire station, or even a plan to bring better jobs to my City...THAT IS MY RIGHT.

I think we would all be better served if Tallahassee politicians stick to state business and let us run our own Cities.