Our Cities in Action

Dec-29-2013 The Ledger
Lakeland will complete the year with a goal it announced almost 30 years ago: a population of more than 100,000.
Nov-20-2013 Reuters
Only third city in the nation to receive Palladium honor. The City of Tamarac, Florida has joined the ranks of such prestigious organizations as Motorola, UPS and Hilton Hotels as a recipient of the...
Sep-16-2013 Tampa Bay Times
Shelby Willis is 5 feet 4 inches tall. But that didn't stop her from climbing up the ranks to become Largo's first female fire chief and the only female fire chief in Pinellas County.
Sep-03-2013 Daily Commercial
Eustis city commissioners will meet Thursday night to consider creating a Downtown Waterfront Entertainment District to better promote the city and help local businesses.
Aug-02-2013 Daytona Beach News-Journal
DAYTONA BEACH — As the city comes alive with a massive redevelopment at Daytona International Speedway and the promise of two new oceanfront hotels, the 85-year-old Boardwalk is basking in a rebirth...
May-07-2013 South Florida Business Journal
Fort Lauderdale has been ranked No. 7 for economic potential on a list of the Top 10 Small American Cities of the Future, according to fDi Magazine.
Apr-11-2013 South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Tours in South Florida typically go to the beach but, in Coral Springs, city leaders will pile onto a bus to see government buildings in three counties. City commissioners haven't decided yet to...
Apr-05-2013 Tampa Bay Times
Family, friends and residents will gather at 2:30 p.m. Sunday for the official renaming of “John R. Lawrence Pioneer Park.”
Apr-03-2013 Longboat Observer
A town Fire Rescue Department software application is in a Computerworld Honors Program Safety & Security category with the likes of Hewlett-Packard and the FBI.
Mar-27-2013 Belleair Bee
BELLEAIR - The town of Belleair is encouraging veterans and active military personnel to be on hand at the April 2 commission meeting when the town proclaims April 17 as Military Family and Community...
Mar-27-2013 South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Along with the essay contest, Wellington has also created a community page, Viva Florida, on its website that features interviews with longtime residents. The page will also display...
Feb-27-2013 Tampa Bay Times
CLEARWATER — Downtown Clearwater is not a place that's widely known for its high-tech startup companies. It's a long way from Silicon Valley.
Feb-09-2013 Palm Beach Post
BOYNTON BEACH — The city’s community redevelopment agency is launching, a new Internet application that will provide one central location for local consumers to find businesses,...
Dec-19-2012 Tampa Bay Times
Tampa's Encore development is shaping up as a real success story for urban renewal — and a harbinger of more good things to come.
Dec-18-2012 Marco Eagle
BONITA SPRINGS — Southwest Florida strives to promote commerce, with Bonita Springs becoming the latest to get involved in proposing a program to attract new businesses.
Dec-12-2012 South Florida Sun-Sentinel
City leaders have packed a time capsule with knickknacks and have buried it in front of City Hall. Set to be opened in 2112, the capsule contains a DVD about the city titled "Delray Then and Now...
Dec-11-2012 First Coast News
The St. Augustine City Commission vote unanimously on Monday to pass an ordinance protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation when it comes to renting or buying a home.
Dec-10-2012 Sanford Herald
Soon you can visit Sanford’s first ever informational kiosk, a guiding light for education, adventure and discovery.
Dec-07-2012 Tampa Bay Times
The outcome of Thursday's City Council meeting was the right one: The city will move forward with plans for a new pier for the 21st century.
Dec-07-2012 Tampa Bay Times
TAMPA — The City Council moved Thursday to safeguard residents' privacy by preventing police from using new downtown surveillance cameras to peek into people's homes.

They're At it Again

Aug-17-2014 Highlands Today
Over the years, the Florida Legislature has required county sheriffs to more closely monitor sexual offenders and predators. - See more at:
Oct-27-2013 Sarasota Herald-Tribune
The state passed a law in 2011 to limit severely the ability of a local government to regulate vacation rentals. It is popularly called HB883. You can look it up at
Apr-09-2013 Daytona Beach News-Journal
The Florida Legislature has enough state issues on its plate without taking on local impact fees. A proposal making its way through both the state Senate and the House of Representatives would mandate a suspension of road-related impact fees for...
Mar-21-2013 News Service of Florida
TALLAHASSEE | Despite protests from cities, counties, public hospitals and school districts, a House committee Thursday narrowly approved a proposal that would increase dollar limits on lawsuits against local governments.
Mar-07-2013 Miami Herald
"Quit stepping on our toes. Stop meddling in our local affairs," Seijas said. "You have plenty to do in fixing the state of Florida."
Feb-17-2013 South Florida Sun-Sentinel
The legislature hold tightly to the reins of power and too often issue directives to the cities, even while insisting the cities use their own resources to comply.
Jan-03-2013 Sarasota Herald-Tribune
City and county governments are hoping the state’s improved financial picture will give them some breathing room and quell a recent trend in Tallahassee to place limits on how local governments can raise revenue and how that money can be spent.
Dec-23-2012 Tampa Bay Times
A Florida city, no matter how big, cannot under state law ask its residents whether they want to increase the local sales tax to pay for commuter trains, buses, or even better roads and bridges. We aren't sure why, but the question may only be...
Dec-16-2012 Tampa Bay Times
Now, under a new Florida law that was supposed to help charities, a handful of these wealthy developers are getting another lucrative benefit. They have found a way to move dozens of apartment complexes off the property tax rolls, saving themselves...
Dec-16-2012 Tampa Bay Times
Under a new Florida law that was supposed to help charities, a handful of these wealthy developers are getting another lucrative benefit. They have found a way to move dozens of apartment complexes off the property tax rolls, saving themselves as...
Dec-14-2012 Tampa Tribune
As Congress and the president wrestle with solving the so-called fiscal cliff crisis, one particular issue should be of serious concern to local and middle-class taxpayers.
Oct-11-2012 Marco Eagle
Tallahassee politicians are at it again. This time, they're calling it Amendment 4. In November, voters will decide the fate of this Trojan Horse measure — the latest complex and confusing brand of Tallahassee "tax reform" that...
Oct-01-2012 Tampa Tribune
Voters will revisit one of the Florida Legislature's pet pocketbook issues in November, with nearly half of the proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot addressing property tax breaks.
Sep-13-2012 Florida Today
Amendment 4 on the Nov. 6 ballot will bring much-needed changes to Florida’s property tax system by enacting three new provisions designed to boost Florida’s housing market while having little impact on local governments.
Jul-17-2012 Palm Beach Post
TALLAHASSEE — An administrative law judge Tuesday ruled that the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice has improperly shifted juvenile-detention costs to counties.
Mar-23-2012 Florida Times-Union
Jacksonville will have to pump tens of millions more dollars into its general employee and corrections officer pension funds in the next fiscal year — and looming changes are likely to push that number even higher.
Mar-22-2012 TC Palm
INDIAN RIVER SHORES — About $380,000 in additional contributions to the town's pension fund for both public safety and general employees will have Indian River Shores dipping into emergency funds to pay the bill.
Feb-22-2012 Orlando Sentinel
Florida lawmakers just love to crow about cutting taxes. But cutting taxes is easy; paying for it is hard. And lawmakers have been dumping much of that dirty work on local government leaders.
Feb-21-2012 Naples Daily News
TALLAHASSEE — In keeping with the goal of many legislators to keep Florida's cost of living low, several bills have been offered this session to cut local taxes.
Feb-11-2012 Tampa Bay Times
TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Legislature is eyeing even more tax cuts this year, celebrating its free-market ethos by slashing business taxes and allowing consumers to "keep more of their own money."

Stay Informed

Jan-31-2014 Florida Current
A bill filed by Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, this month would place state guidelines for giving preference to vendors based in Florida on local governments throughout the state.
Jan-12-2014 Pasco Tribune
Water customers could petition the state’s Public Service Commission to shut down private, for-profit water and sewer utilities if a new bill sponsored by Pasco state Sen. Wilton Simpson wins approval in the Florida Legislature this session.
Dec-27-2013 Florida Times-Union
Among the most important issues facing the city’s Retirement Reform Task Force is how to restructure the poorly performing Police and Fire Pension Fund.
Mar-18-2013 Bismarck Tribune
A bill that allows counties to hold special elections for a home rule charter vote passed the Senate 37-9 and is on its way to Gov. Jack Dalrymple for his signature.
Mar-15-2013 Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Coming back strong after a post-recession starching, Florida is now growing so quickly that the Sunshine State could soon overtake New York as the nation's third most populous state.
Dec-06-2012 Sunshine State News
Florida’s economic condition appears stable. After years of $1 billion-plus shortfalls, legislators are looking at a shortfall of only $149 million in recurring revenue for the coming year and more than $600 million in nonrecurring money still in...
Nov-08-2012 Local 10
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - A proposed Florida constitutional amendment that would have capped state revenue has gone down to defeat.
Oct-13-2012 Ft. Myers News-Press
One of the largest election day ballots in Florida’s history will undoubtedly result in voter brain overload and possibly meltdown on Nov. 6, especially when it comes to the 11 constitutional amendments.
Sep-30-2012 Bradenton Herald
This could be viewed two ways -- as an economic stimulus for developers, homebuilders and the entire real estate industry, or a revenue catastrophe for already cash-poor counties and municipalities that would force further cutbacks in government...
Sep-07-2012 Ocala Star Banner
Home rule is one of the cornerstones of government in Florida. Basically, it constitutionally guarantees cities and counties the authority to run their local governments and the services they provide how they see fit. Except...
Jul-30-2012 Bradenton Herald
ISLAMORADA, FLA. — The print ad for the Florida Keys Tourist Development Council, with the picturesque Seven Mile Bridge leading into the blue ocean, touts the island-connecting Overseas Highway as "The Road to Recovery."
Jul-20-2012 Orlando Sentinel
TALLAHASSEE — When you look at the jobs strategies Florida has historically leaned on, they're focused on one overriding mantra: Call it 'Grow, baby, grow.' Policymakers insist that if businesses are freed from costly environmental...
Mar-21-2012 Belleair Bee
BELLEAIR BLUFFS – The city of Belleair Bluffs is ready to fight another round in the battle with its pension board and former firefighters over pension payouts.
Feb-24-2012 WCTV
Governor Scott has some economy-boosting ideas. He shared them with mayors and community leaders from across Florida today.
Feb-24-2012 Sunshine State News
Gov. Rick Scott told mayors and community business leaders Thursday that the perception of Florida as being pro-business has improved "dramatically" in the past 12 months.
Feb-17-2012 Orlando Sentinel
A property-tax cut for small businesses sought by Florida Gov. Rick Scott was rewritten Friday morning by a House committee to appease cities and counties who feared the plan was a Trojan horse designed to get at bigger breaks for large firms.
Feb-16-2012 The Current
A Senate panel decided to delay its decision on a pension measure on Thursday, allowing time for various labor organizations to work out their different concerns.
Jan-31-2012 Seminole Beacon
Seminole supports fire pension changes
SEMINOLE – The city of Seminole has joined an increasing effort by the Florida League of Cities to send a nonbinding message to the Florida Legislature concerning firefighter pension reforms.
Jan-17-2012 Seminole Beacon
SEMINOLE – City leaders are crafting a resolution in support of the Florida League of Cities’ efforts to lobby state legislators on the return of local control for firefighter pension plans.
Jan-09-2012 Palm Beach Post
GREENACRES — The city council urged Florida legislators tonight to reform pension laws to correct "unfunded mandates" that have more than doubled the city's costs for police and firefighter pensions during the past three years.